Early (Phase 1) Treatment

Reasons for Early Treatment (Phase I)

We recommend all children be screened between ages 7-10 for the following orthodontic issues:

  • Crossbite of a front tooth (upper tooth behind lower)
  • Crossbite of back teeth (upper molar on inside of lower molar)
  • Thumb habits
  • Excessively flared front teeth
  • Underbites
  • Early signs of excessive crowding
  • Premature loss of a baby tooth
  • Narrow jaw forms


Most early intervention treatments are complete in 6-9 months.

These treatments often make future treatment take less time and be a more elective decision for families.


Example of Early Intervention

Palatal Expansion


Partial Braces on Front Teeth


Space Maintainer


Do All Children Need Early Orthodontic Intervention (Phase I Treatment)?

  • Many children who are screened do not need early intervention.
  • Dr. Jackson recommends watching these children on 6-9 month intervals until all permanent teeth are erupted.
  • Many parents appreciate early screenings for their children in order to plan for future braces, if necessary.