A Recipe for Disaster

A Recipe for Disaster

Some excellent information from the AAO about the dangers of soda and other acidic drinks. "Soft drinks contain acids.  Acid pulls calcium out of the enamel, making the tooth soft to the touch.  Acid dissoves tooth enamel, a process called "decalcification," and can lead to cavities.  Once the enamel dissolves, it does not come back.  The loss is ... Read More

Too Much Sugar!!!!!

Popular Soda Can Have Staggering Amounts of Sugar

Let's Just State the Facts and You Can be the Judge when Thinking about Guzzling Sugar-Based Drinks. * There are roughly 5 grams of Sugar in 1 Teaspoon. * A 20 oz bottle of Mountain Dew has 77 grams of Sugar. * There are around 15 Teaspoons of Sugar in a 20 oz Mountain Dew. * In addition Mountain Dew has about 40% more Caffeine than Coke. * A 24 oz Sweet Tea has 72 grams of ... Read More

Modern Orthodontic Trend: Less Pain = More Gain

Light, Continuous Orthodontic Force is Better for Moving Teeth

Would you agree that a Win-Win situation is a great thing:  2 kids going to a friend's house in the same neighborhood, a vacation deal the same week you took off work, a movie that comes out that appeals to both spouse's...orthodontic treatment that accomplishes more with less force and pain?  Yes, the last statement is a bit "geeky", but let's face it-I am a geek about ... Read More

Giving Back to the Profession

I can't help but sometimes wonder if the kids and teens of our practice understand how fortunate they are to have someone to pay for them to have their teeth straightened.  The benefits are numerous, and I hope the kids who have treatment appreciate their parents who are able to incur the often 4-digit expense for their child to have this correction.  Not only do the ... Read More